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A fine distinctness of manhood comes from the aftermath of a rape victim's life.



“Two faces” A fine distinctness of manhood; is a short fiction, based on the brutal acts happening in reality, When one gets the feeling of being torn apart!  Follows the story of a innocent young girl in the rural of India, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after becoming a victim to the egregious crime; Her life is mutilated and traumatised. 


Achieved 14 Awards & Honours in Festivals Worldwide.

Written & Directed                            Natashaa Iyer

Cinematography                     Chandrakant Meher

Producer .                                              Samir Khan

Executive Producer                      Tanveer Ahmed

                                                        Zameer Ahmed

Line Producer:                                 Shadaf Ahmed

                                                       Istiyaque Shaikh

Production Design                                Samir Khan

Original Music                                    Shirish Gathe

Composer                                      Abhijeet Gadwe

Sound Mix                                      Smith Thampan

Starring                                            Taniyaa Mehta



          Special Thanks To All Our Supporters!



WOEFF - Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival (USA) - 2016

✫ Best International Drama

✫ Best International Actress - Taniyaa Mehta

HIMPFF - Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (USA) - 2016

✫ Best Foreign Short


MPF Moving Pictures Festival (BELGIUM) - 2016

✫ Best International Short Film

Largo Film Awards - 2016

✫ Best Film

Bucharest ShortCut CineFest (ROMANIA) - 2016

✫ Best Screenplay

IndustryBOOST Competition (USA) - 2016

✫ Finalist Best Film

Screen Short Fest (INDIA)- 2016

✫ semi-finalist Best Film


✪ CDFF - Canadian Diversity Film Festival (CANADA) - 2016

✪ Lake View International Film Festival (INDIA) - 2016

✪ Indiewise Virtual Film Festival (USA) - 2016

✪ Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition (CHINA) - 2016

✪ FSFF - Free Spirit Film Festival (INDIA) - 2016


✪ Indore International Film Festival (INDIA) - 2017

Shot on RED

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Storytelling has no rules yet principles make it outstanding.

-Natashaa Iyer

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